Aerosol Arabic's Knowledge Mural, created 1-3/2/2016: details here.

Islamic Reformulations was a three-year Global Uncertainties Leadership Fellowship (GULF), funded by Research Councils UK and administered by the Economic and Social Research Council.  The Fellowship, awarded to Professor Robert Gleave of the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, explored how Muslim thought has developed in the modern period, and how these modern developments relate to the pre-modern tradition of Islamic thought.  The project focused on the interlinked themes of belief, governance and violence.

Beginning in September 2012, Islamic Reformulations has now completed its main period of funding from the ESRC.  We will maintain this website for a while, to link in impact activities and other events related to the project. 

The project was led by Robert Gleave.  More details of the researchers involved in the project are available here. The project's full-time research fellow was Dr Mustafa Baig, who has rejoined the Institute in Exeter in September 2016 as Lecturer in Islamic Studies.

The project continued and developed the LIVIT Project (Legitimate and Illegitimate Violence in Islamic Thought), which ran from 2010 to 2013, and was also funded under the RCUK Global Uncertainties programme.

Latest News from Islamic Reformulations:

1. LIVIT project news: The LIVIT project may have ended some time ago – but it works continues, first in the on going “Legitimate and Illegitimate Violence in Islamic Thought” series with EUP.  The forthcoming second volume is nearly ready, but a copy of the table of contents can be seen here.  We also celebrate with LIVIT PhD student Tayyeb Mimouni the award of his PhD with a thesis entitled “Debating Hakimiyyah and Takfir in Salafism”.  In September, Tayyeb joined Rob Gleave and other PACCS researchers for the Brilliant Club's Religion and Conflict study day - the day was run by PACCS sixth formers from five London schools participating. 

2. LAWALISI news: Robert Gleave presented on “Fighting evil powers through jurisprudence: fiqh responses to magical practices” at the conference The Problem of Evil: A Challenge to Shi’i Theology and Philosophy in Islam, 26-28 October 2016 at the Officina di Studi Medievali and the Universita degli Studi di Palermo.  He was joined by Exeter colleagues Dr Istvan Kristo-Nagy (former LIVIT research fellow ) and Professor Sajjad Rizvi. Details here. Rob Gleave also spoke at the Debate Initiative's event on "Does Islam need Reforming?", on 4th October 2016 at Conway Hall, Camden.

3. USPPIP project joined by Mahmood Kooria: The Leiden section of the  Understanding Shari’a: Present Imperfect, Past Perfect  (USPIPP) project will be joined by Mahmood Kooria.  Mahmood’s appointment completes the USPPIP team; it now comprises Robert Gleave (Exeter) Leon Buskens (Leiden), Irene Schneider (Gottingen) and Knut Vikor (Bergen); who are joined by postdocotoral research fellows Omar Anchassi (Exeter), Mahmood Kooria (Leiden), Nijmi Edres (Gottingen) and Eirik Hovden (Bergen).  The first USPPIP workshop is scheduled to take place 23rd-24th February 2017 at NIMAR in Rabat.  Details to follow.

4. Farewell to Jane Clark: Many of you have visited IAIS in Exeter over the years for workshops and conferences – you will have most likely come into contact with the indefatigable Jane Clark, our Research Project Administrator on the Hawza project, LIVIT, and on Islamic Reformulations. She has just left the University of Exeter after many years of service to set up a new exciting life in France – we wish her all the best and we will miss her greatly. At the same time as bidding farewell to Jane, we welcome our new Research Project Administrator Pam Navran.  Pam will be working on the USPPIP, LAWALISI and British Fatwas project.

5. Recent Islamic Reformulations Events:

Reformulation and Hermeneutics: Researching the History of Islamic Legal Theory: A three day conference held in collaboration with the University of Istanbul in February 2016.

Uncovering the Divine Law:  This three day workshop on Islamic Legal Theory took place in October 2015.  Details can be found here.

Reformers and Intellectual Reform in Contemporary Islam: A two day conference held collaboratively at SOAS and QMUL on the reformulation of Islamic thought in the contemporary period.

Reforming Islamic Legal Thought: A one-day workshop on the reform of Islamic law in the contemporary period.

Past Events

Resonate and Reformulate: a 2 day festival of Muslim street art and music.

The Knowledge Mural: Mohammed Ali returns to Exeter

eL Seed and his Multiple Identities: the Tunisian French graffiti artist created this mural at IAIS, Exeter

Religion in the Public Sphere: a public event at Exeter Cathedral examining the role of Islam and Christianity in public life.  It included an exhibition of the Mohammed Ali's Future Cube.

What became of the Arab Spring? Rob Gleave in conversation with Frank Gardner

Professor Wael Hallaq's visit to the Islamic Reformulations project, giving a public lecture and leading a 2 day seminar

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