About Islamic Reformulations and Global Uncertainties

The Islamic Reformulations project consists of two elements:

  1. (1)  a programme of research related to the continuities and discontinuities in Islamic thought on the topics of belief, violence and governance; this continues the research into the questions examined in the LIVIT project. These include examination of how belief, violence and government are interlinked in both premodern and modern Islamic thought, and how political, legal and ethical modes of argumentation around these topics have developed over time, and consideration of how they might develop in the future.

  2. (2)  a programme of interdisciplinary research and impact activities examining how beliefs and ideologies constitute potential “global uncertainties”. Belief and ideology form one of the themes within the GU programme, and the Global Uncertainties Leadership Fellowship, under Professor Gleave’s direction, will examine how to best characterise the relationship between belief and ideological commitment on the one hand, and action as a source of “global uncertainty” on the other. The relationship, which is not limited to radical Islamism but includes so-called “violent and extremist ideologies” more generally, will be approached through the development of an international network of scholars from various disciplines examining the belief-action nexus in a series of workshops and conferences. 


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