Law, Islam and The State

Research Seminar and Lecture

7th January 2016

Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter


1730: Lecture: Professor Mohammad Fadel (University of Toronto): " Islamic Constitutionalism as an Alternative Approach to Islamic Legal Reform"

During the day before the lecture, we are convening a research seminar bringing together researchers focussing on the relationship between Islam, as the system of belief and practice of Muslims, and Law, the regulation of human behaviour through a complex of rules, often enforced by a State or similar governing body. The programme information, including paper abstracts can be downloaded here.

0915 Introduction: Robert Gleave

Session 1: Constructing the Islam-Law Relationship

0930: Kumail Rajani: Sharīʿa: Legislative Delegation to the Prophet or the Word of God?

1000: Ryan Rittenberg: Ibn Ḥanbal and legal theory: the implications of his al-Radd ʿalā al-zanādiqa wa-l-jahmiyya

1030: Nathan Spannaus:  “The Structural Relationship between Islamic Legal Institutions and State Power”

1120: Coffee

Session 2: Complicating the "Western" Values/"Sharia" Values dichotomy

1120: William Gallois: Ahmed Bey and R2P

1150: Salah al-Ansari: The clash and the harmony of Islamic and Western legal systems

1220: Lunch

 Session 3: Rethinking Maqāṣid-State Doctrine

1330: David Warren: Reading Conceptual Change in Contemporary Islamic Thought: Conscious Choices and Unconscious Assumptions in the Work of Rashid al-Ghannushi

1400: Shahrul Hussein: Constitutionism and the Dār Issue: Understanding Non-Muslim Loyalty and Citizenship a Study of their Rights in Arms Trade

1430: Gianluca Parolin: Tareq El-Bishry on "political community" in the light of the maqāṣid doctrine.

1500: Tea

Session 4: Islam, Law and Public Policy

1530: Ali-Reza Bhojani: The role for religion in a plural public sphere through the lens of an ʿAdliyya reading of Sharīʿa

1600: Asim Qureshi: Counter-extremism - an intersection between soft policy and hard law 

1630: Closing remarks: Robert Gleave

1645: Close

1700 Refreshments

1730:  Lecture:

Mohammad Fadel (University of Toronto): “Islamic Constitutionalism as an Alternative Approach to Islamic Legal Reform"

1900: Close

Attendance is free, but we ask you to register in advance for catering numbers by notifying Jane Clark ( putting "Islam, Law and the State" in the subject box.

This event is supported by:

The Islamic Reformulations project; URL: Understanding Religion and Law; Centre for the Study of Islam, University of Exeter.

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