Reforming Islamic Legal Thought

Tuesday 25th November 2014

On Tuesday 25th November 2014, the Islamic Reformulations project convened a one-day workshop entitled "Reforming Islamic Legal Thought".  Here are the programme and some images from this successful event.

0930-1100: Panel 1: Pre/Modern Reform

Rebecca Gould (Yale-NUS), “Al-Quduqī and the Transregional History of Ijtihād from Yemen to Daghestan”

Nathan Spannaus (University of Oxford), “Reframing Ijtihād in the Russian Empire: Abū Naṣr Qursāwī (1776-1812) and the Adaptation of Ḥanafī Legal Theory”

Mohammed Khalid (Effat University, Jeddah), “Conceptualising Legal Reform from within the Tradition: Ibn ʿĀbidīn's Notion of ʿurf in the Context of Pre-Modern Ḥanafī Legal Thought”

1100: Coffee/Tea

1130-1230 Panel 2: Debating the Reform of Classical Jurisprudence

Miyase Yavuz (SOAS), “Ottoman Reformist Manṣūrizāde Meḥmed Saīd: A Critical approach to the classical Islamic legal theory”

Kenneth M. Cuno (University of Illinois), “Contextualizing Muḥammad ʿAbduh’s Views on the Family, Marriage, and Divorce”

Salah Al-Ansari (Heythrop College),“Tension of Traditionalism and Modernism in Legal Reforms during the Twentieth Century: The Case of Muḥammad Abū Zahra in Egypt”

1300: Lunch

1415 Panel 3: Law Reform, Finance and Economic Thought

Sami al-Daghestani (Universities of Leiden and Münster), “Reforming Economic and Legal Thought in Iqtiṣādunā by Muḥammad Bāqir al-Ṣadr”

Shahrul Hussain (Markfield Institute, UK), Fiqh al-Aqalliyyāt, al-Qaraḍāwī’sReformation of Fiqh: A Study of Ribā-Based Mortgages in Dār al-Ḥarb”

1515: Tea/Coffee

1715: Public Lecture: Professor Rainer Brunner (CNRS): "Between authoritarianism and intellectualism: Some Recent Controversies on the Role of Hadith in Sunnite Islam"

1830 Close

1545: Panel 4: Maqāṣid Discourse and the Reform of Islamic Law

Tariq al-Timimi (SOAS), “Al-Ṭāhir Ibn ʿĀshūr’s Contribution to Islamic Legal Thought through His Understanding of Maqāṣid al-Sharīʿah

Zubair Abbasi (Lahore University for Management Sciences), “Reforming Islamic Legal Thought through Adjudication: Justice Mufti Taqi Usmani and the Judicial Islamisation of Laws in Pakistan”

1645: Close

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