Reformulating Islamic Thought in the West:  Public Lecture and Workshop

16th-17th June 2015

Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter


Programme (as of 12th June 2015)

Tuesday 16th June 

Afternoon, participants arrive

1715: Public lecture by Dr Ziba Mir-Husseini (SOAS):

“Muslim Legal Tradition and the challenge of Gender Equality”

Wednesday 17th June 2015:  Reformulating Islamic Thought in the West Workshop

How has being located in "the West" influenced the path of Muslim intellectuals and their programmes of reform?  IS the notion of "the West" even applicable given the processes of globalisation?  What is the relationship between reform thought in the West and reform ideas in the Muslim-majority world?  This workshop will consider these questions through a series of detailed analyses of the reform ideas of individual Muslim intellectuals.

0930  Opening remarks: Robert Gleave and Mustafa Baig

0945  Opening Lecture: Dr Carool Kersten (KCL):

“Anti-foundationalism in Contemporary Muslim Thought”

1100  Coffee/Tea

1130  Panel 1

Usman Khan (Hartford Seminary): “Muhammad Asad and the Islamic State Law, Religion, and Revival”

Seyfeddin Kara (Durham University): “Kalim Siddiqui and the reconstruction of new socio-economic and political systems in Muslim societies”

Discussant: Nathan Spannaus (University of Oxford)

1230  Lunch

1400  Panel 2

Farid Panjwani (Institute of Education, University of London): “The Lure of ‘Real’ Islam: Fazlur Rahman and Islamic Modernism”

Yahia Baiza (Institute of Ismaili Studies, London):A Call for Radical Reform: An Analysis of Mohammad Arkoun’s Thought for the Reform of Contemporary Islamic Thought”

David Pettinato (University of Exeter):From 'adaptation' to 'transformation': reforming (Western) Muslim identity in the thought of Tariq Ramadan.

Discussant: Pooya Razavian (University of Oxford)

1530  Coffee/Tea

1600  Panel 3

Shehnaz Haqqani (University of Texas at Austin):Islamic Law and Women’s Religious Authority in Contemporary Islam: The reform thought of Amina Wadud”

Angus Slater (Lancaster University):Khaled Abou El Fadl and the Methodology of Reform”

Discussant: Omar Anchassi (QMUL)

1700  Closing Remarks

1715 Close

Attending the workshop is free, but registration for those outside of the University of Exeter is essential.  Those wishing to have lunch with participants may do so for a small charge (to cover non-participant costs).  There is a package (excluding accommodation) of £100 covering costs for evening meals at local restaurants (3 courses, drinks included) on 16th and 17th June and lunch 17th June.  You can register by contacting Ms Jane Clark ( before 12th June 2015.

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