Islamic Reformulations Audio-Visual Media Links

Mustafa Baig interviewed on BBC radio about depicting the Prophet Muhammad

Mustafa Baig 2.mp3

BBC Wiltshire and Mid-Mornings with Sim Courtie

Externally hosted media:
A video of the Frank Gardner event, held in March 2013, is available here.  
For El Seed's "Multiple Identities video, click here
For Mohammed Ali's Future Cube video, click here.  
The Radio 3 series "The Islamic Golden Age" included Rob Gleave's thoughts on Ali b. Abi Talib.  Listen here
At Oxford University, Rob Gleave's “Sharīʿa Law and Muslim Legal Mythology” at the “Unpacking the Promise of theSharīʿa” workshop, on 16th May 2013 is here
Rob Gleave's Mellon Lecture at the Divinity School, University of Chicago, "Islam, Violence and the Sacred: Insurgent Shi'ism in Islamic History" on 18th January 2013 is also available. Listen here.

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